Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water HomeThe Climatrol solar hot water system is perfect for your home solar hot water needs.
Installing an Climatrol will help you:

•    SAVE up to 80% on your water heating bills
•    REDUCE your household carbon emissions
•    INCREASE the value of your home or property
•    PRODUCE free hot water from the sun.

Climatrol residential systems come in a wide range of sizes, and a range of boosting options to suit any household, in any climate.

Solar Hot Water HomeAll Climatrol solar hot water systems should be sized to suit each individual home and application. You are best to speak with your local Climatrol agent, as climate, water usage and water quality will vary across Australia. A rough indication of the system size that you will need is shown below:

•    1-2 Bedrooms: 20-22 Tubes with a 250ltr Tank
•    3-4 Bedrooms: 30 Tubes with 315ltr Tank
•    4+ Bedrooms: 40 Tubes with 400ltr Tank