Service Department

Regular servicing extends the life of your airconditioning system.

Climatrol Airconditioning’s service department was initially set up over 20 years ago to service and maintain the new equipment installed by the company, however, we have expanded and now take on new clients wishing to have their airconditioning serviced on a regular basis.

It is recommended that domestic airconditioning equipment be serviced at least once a year and for commercial customers we draw up a specific schedule of maintenance depending on usage and position of the equipment.

We Specialise in Servicing:

  • Ducted Airconditioners

  • Split Systems

  • Multi-Head Systems

  • Cassette Airconditioners

  • Bulkhead Units

  • Ozmist Outdoor Cooling

Like any large piece of machinery your airconditioner needs to be serviced on a regular basis to keep it running at its optimum performance.

Servicing your equipment ensures that it performs at its maximum energy rating and remains in good operation condition throughout its expected functioning life.

Our service and preventative maintenance includes:

  • Filters Cleaned Deodorised and Sanitised

  • Check System Pressures

  • Check Voltage & Full Load Amperage

  • Check Refrigerant Charge

  • Check Dampers

  • Clean Thermostat

  • Clean Condenser

  • Evaporator Drain Pans & Drain Pipe Checked & Flushed

  • Check Belts Where applicable.

At the time of service we offer gecko protection for outdoor printed circuit boards at a special rate of $66.00 per unit. Protecting your electronic circuit boards can save you hundreds of dollars in expensive repairs.

To request a service or for more information go to:

Breakdown Service

Is your airconditioner not working, noisy or dripping water?

Climatrol Airconditioning can be of assistance.

Both for existing and new domestic and commercial customers, Climatrol Airconditioning is committed to attending to your breakdown and organising repairs in the fastest possible time frame.

Our company has a fully qualified and experienced team of technicians who operate in all areas of South East Brisbane from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

Climatrol Airconditioning have experience with and spare part suppliers for all airconditioning brands, makes and models.


Climatrol Airconditioning are Warranty Agents For


We can best help you with your breakdown request in the shortest possible time, please complete the form and press Submit or call us on 3890 1911.