Our Company

In our office and showroom premises at 1298 Wynnum Road Tingalpa, we have installed a purpose built Ducted Air Conditioning System to fully explain to prospective clients what a fully ducted system looks like and all the options that are available.

Our offices contain all types of working Air Conditioning ceiling diffuses, from 4-way blow commercial product to inceiling round registers that blend in well with down-lights etc, to linear registers for that unobtrusive feature in ceiling bulkheads.

A feature of our working model is take you into our well illuminated ceiling space via pull down access ladder and demonstrate directly to you all the hidden features of the Ducted Air Conditioning System you would normally never see –

1. How the system is suspended in the ceiling and how the installation is designed to prevent vibration or harmonic transfer into your living area.

2. Different types of in ceiling ductwork. Special fire-rated ductwork, acoustic flexible ductwork, and the various grades of insulated ductwork.

3. Electronics and special controls including zone switching damper motors, and variable air volume control systems with in room sensors to provide individual controlled temperatures to individual rooms. Time clock facilities for automatic switching on and off, and how systems can be remotely controlled through your mobile phone…..from anywhere!

4. Ceiling insulation is important. We demonstrate the various types of insulation available to assist the Air Conditioning System to operate efficiently. Products include: Fibreglass and various grading, Polyester, Wool, Silver Batts, Cellulose Fibre and others.

5. Condensate drainage from in ceiling system. What happens, where does it go, and what about safety drains in the event of the condensate drain from the ceiling unit becoming blocked.

All information and details are labeled and identified in our easy inspection, hands on, working Ducted System Display.

Climatrol will only consider quality manufacturers’ products and are proud to be associated with the following quality manufacturers. All provide five years parts and labour warranty on their Air Conditioning equipment:

Our People

Climatrol Air Conditioning commenced operation in April 1990. Principal Warren Brown formed an Air Conditioning company capable of providing that little bit extra – excellent service, professionalism, individualized attention for each client and to design an air conditioning system to meet each client's individual needs.

This company is a Christian based business with a work ethos and mission statement to serve the community and our clients needs honestly and with integrity.

When you contact Climatrol Air Conditioning, you will deal direct with Principal Warren Brown and Project Engineers Jared Brown and Michael Anderson.

This individual attention will ensure that design of your air conditioning will meet your requirements. After being individually designed, each air conditioning plan is handed to our team of expert installers, all supervised by Warren, Jared and Michael, to ensure that premium quality and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Climatrol provides an after sales Customer Care service on all completed projects to ensure the on going maintenance and the life of the Air Conditioning equipment. All arrangements with our Customer Care Department are on individual Agreement. Our friendly staff will contact to establish a convenient time for one of our qualified technicians to call and service your system.